World Club House for Rent

The Oliver family will be returning to England after graduation 2015.

Our current rental house at 178/767 World Club Land will become available for rent from 1st June 2015, (25,000THB per month).

No longer available (already taken)

The house is in the neighbourhood of Grace International School.

Click here to see location on google maps. GIS is to the lower right on the map (you will see the school swimming pool).

This blog gives some details and photos of the house.

CMCC Newsletter Ad.

Large 2 storey, unfurnished house in World Club (near GIS). 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, office (5th bedroom), 4/5 AC’s, very spacious kitchen, dining and living area, 2nd family lounge upstairs. 25,000 THB per month. Click here to contact.


There is a small front yard with grass and some plants - shown above in dry season, and us getting ready for the graduation family banquet in greener rainy season.

We have a gardener come once a month to mow the grass and tidy up the plants (400B per month).

There is a front entrance porch area. There are 3 large water tanks (total 4.5 cu m). This is a great asset when occasionally there is a water shortage for a few days.

There is a sala for parking bikes or a car and a long driveway.

Main Living Area - Lounge

The downstairs living area is open plan incorporating a lounge, dining and kitchen areas.

This provides an extensive space for hospitality or gatherings of any kind. We have hosted a class of 70 students for a sit down dinner with no problem!

Above-left shows the lounge area on David's Birthday!

Above-right shows lounge area looking back towards dining area behind.

Main Living Area - Kitchen

The kitchen area includes extensive marble counter surfaces and wooden storage cupboards.

Above-left shows buit-in, real-wood storage cupboards. Above-right shows looking towards the back of the house from the kitchen area (bedroom on left, stairs and bathroom on right).

Main Living Area - Dining

Above-left is a view from the dining area (rear) towards the lounge area (front) with tables set for 70 students.

Above-right (taken from the kitchen area) the students arrive through the front door into the entrance area. You can see part of the marble top counter space.

Bottom-left is the dining area with our normal table and chairs. You can see the lounge area beyond with light blue sofas and the Christmas tree.

Downstairs bathroom and Utility area

This downstairs bathroom has a cold water shower.

Downstairs Bedroom (1) with A/C and En-Suite Bathroom

The en-suite bathroom for this bedroom includes a hot water shower.

Upstairs Main Bedroom (2) with A/C and En-Suite Bathroom

The en-suite bathroom for this main bedroom includes a bath tub with the shower over the tub.

Upstairs Bedroom (3) with A/C and En-Suite Bathroom

The en-suite bathroom for this bedroom includes a hot water shower.

Upstairs Bedroom (4)

This room was originally described as a storeroom but we have used it as an office and now as a bedroom.

The A/C unit in this room was added by us and is available for 6,000 THB. (Samsung Forte Air con unit, 9,000 BTU).

Upstairs Office (or bedroom 5) with A/C

This large room can be used as an office or bedroom. The picture shows a slightly confusing panoramic view - but it certainly is spacious.

There is a pleasant outside balcony.

Upstairs Family Lounge Area

There is a large area upstairs which can be used for a 2nd lounge / family area. Very useful when adults are meeting downstairs - youngsters can watch a movie or play games upstairs.

Upstairs Bathroom

All of the bathrooms are similar to this.

Note: The hot water heater for the shower in this bathroom (Panasonic Model: DH-4HS1, Power (W) 4262.13) was added by us and can be purchased for 3,000 THB.

Other Comments

The house is reasonably bright given that in Thai houses they are built for cool. It is quite a cool house as it is shaded by neighboring houses. It also has insulation added above the upstairs ceiling which makes a great difference to the upstairs temperature in hot season.


  • 3 ring gas hob with gas bottle
  • TOT Fibre Optic Internet 20M download/2M upload (1,060 THB per month)
  • TOT telephone (125 THB per month)
  • 4 air-cons (in bedrooms / office)
  • Electric - 2000-5000 THB per month depending on season and A/C usage
  • Water - 200-400 THB per month depending on usage
  • Moobahn estate fees - 600 THB per month

Please feel free to ask further questions: Click here to contact