The Olivers In Thailand are involved with a variety activities related to children, in and around the North of the country.

We are using out blog to enable friends and family in England and around the world to keep in touch with us.

Arun Community Church

It was a blessing and privilege to be at Arun Community Church where the worship just continues to develop and inspire. It was very exciting to attend the first meeting in the new building of The Littlehampton Academy.

New Main Hall

ACC Worship

Tom Sets of to Bethel

After River camp there was a bit of a rush for Tom to prepare to leave for USA.

He was going to attend Bethel School of Ministry at Bethel Church, Redding, California.

It had been a real challenge, and expense, to get the appropriate visa.

At the last minute, the arrangement for accommodation also fell through. It was a bit stressful as he went off but God faithfully provided for him. Firstly, Tom was able to link up with other Bethel students at the airport who gave him a lift all the way to where he was to stay. Secondly, although the temporary place that he had arranged to stay wasn't ideal, he was quickly able to move in with a family that we have known in Chiang Mai.

Exploring CA

First day BSSM

Tom was blessed to soon receive a visit from Heather Thompson of Powerpack. He was also blessed to be provided with a good bike from the family of the friend that Heather was staying with.

After a short time, he has arranged to share a small apartment with three other very cool Bethel students.

Tom is absolutely loving the course and the whole environment at Bethel. He has made some great new friends and he is also loving life in California.

Powerpack at River Camp

Jenny, Tom and David joined the Powerpack team at River Camp in Evesham, UK...

Here's what some of the children said...

God was telling me with fire and said to me that I have to spread God’s word to others. Eleana, 10

Jesus is putting my bad things in the bin. Bethany, 6

In the Encounter Zone when I washed my hands God said to me that I could be myself not somebody else. Ceri, 10

God thank you for all you’re doing in me. You’re my favourite now. Lydia, 5

God said that I was special. Levi, 6

We prayed for Chris as her knees have been hurting, for a long time and she may need an operation if it gets worse. After praying she said that the pain has gone at the moment! Ella & Ruby, 9

I love you God, lots and lots and lots. Matthew 5

God said he wanted to give me a big hug. Nicky, 5

This year was the first RIVER Camp for Powerpack. Heather led the 8-10s group ‘Catching The FIre.’ Looking at the life of Elijah, Man of fire and discovering how God’s fire can transform their lives. Nick led the 5-7s group with ‘God Is In The House’ exploring our relationship with Father God, through rooms in house e.g. the living room is a place to chat, bathroom a place to get clean, dining room and study a place to be fed by Spirit and Word respectively.

Having had a great week we led a small section in the Big Top. We entered to Gonna Be A Powerpack, Nick and two children shared how each room had helped them discover God’s love and how we can hear His Spirit talk to us in so many ways. We led the adults singing Undefeated Champion. Heather shared testimonies with some children who had a calling to be missionaries, had seen a leader healed and had heard God speak to them. We finished with Arise My Love ‘God Rod’ presentation – this was very powerful as it changed from a show to become worship in the tent.

What did parents say?...

I just wanted to say thank you for giving her such a wonderful time, she is absolutely buzzing with all that God said and did and she really experienced him for herself, which is ultimately all as a parent we could have ever hoped for. She has a new urgency to speak to people about Jesus and an understanding that she is not on her own in doing so.

Firstly a big thank you to all the powerpack team. For the last 3 months our daughter has refused to go to her lively Sunday School so it was nothing short of a miracle that she was more than happy to be left in a tent in a field with people she didn’t know!!

Not only do we thank you for all your hard work, but whoever declared over her ‘that she is God’s chosen child and that she is unique and significant’..and ‘that God would take away her fears’ .. needs to know they were absolutely spot on!!

Goodbye Adrian and Jessica

After saying goodbye to Tom and David at Soul Survivor, it was Adrian and Jessica's turn to set of back to Chiang Mai for the start of school.

Up, up and away...!

Soul Survivor

Having made lots of friends among the young people; Tom, David and Jessica joined the youth to attend a week at Soul Survivor. It was a great week for them.

At the end of the week, Adrian had to collect Jessica a day early in order to get ready for their flight as Jessica needed to return to school in Chiang Mai.

It was a tough goodbye for them to leave Tom and David at the camp


It's lovely to enjoy the beautiful downs.

Highdown gardens

Sea view from Highdown

David and windmill

David with a spotty goat



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