The Olivers In Thailand are involved with a variety activities related to children, in and around the North of the country.

We are using out blog to enable friends and family in England and around the world to keep in touch with us.


A highlight of our home visit it to spend time with grandparents.

We took the opportunity for a family photo to be used on the missions display board at Powerpack.
As usual we were blessed with amazing cuisine.

Before leaving, we had the traditional annual weighing and measuring of the children.

After Jess and Adrian had already returned to Chiang Mai, and Tom had left for America, we had an early celebration of David's birthday before he went off to Cambridge.


The Pudding Palace

For the 6th summer we have been blessed by the hospitality of the West family.
Their home has come to be affectionately known as the "Pudding Palace" - due to the propensity of calorific desserts!

At least there is the opportunity to burn a few calories with a walk on the downs, or a bounce on the trampoline!

They have proved their enduring friendship by putting up with huge quantities of washing. Our family is accustomed to changing clothes at least once a day in Thailand. It's hard to adjust and so our children put their jeans to be washed after only one wear.

In this panoramic of West's garden, you can see that the whirly airer is full and another clothes airer is out as well...

Tom is ironing - preparing for independent life in America!

Miscelaneous Moments in the UK

The Sigg's car

The Sigg's cat's

Mewsbrook Park

Watching tennis at the Chine

Roast dinner in Reading with the Mansfields and the Birds

With the Boyds

Rustington Village


Powerpack at Kingdom Faith

We were able to join the wider Powerpack team for summer events.

At the end of July Powerpack led the children at Kingdom Faith in Peteborough.

Adrian, Jenny and Tom were with the 7-9 yr olds, whilst David and Jessica were with the 5-6 year olds.

We were happy to be able to watch the opening ceremony of the Olympics on one of the big screens in the marquee!
We also purchased a new tent from Tesco and tried it out...
Powerpack Thailand Display...
Prepations in the Live Wires marquee...
Heather speaking at leaders seminar...
In the Fire Tunnel...

KickStart The Event

At the end of July, we joined the team for a community play scheme at the Wickbourne Centre.

Tom and David took part in the serial drama and surprisingly featured in the local newspaper.

Tom, David and Jessica all had the opportunity to form friendships with other young people on the team.


The Beautiful Beach

Fred's Fish 'n Chips...

Air display and bagpipes!

We love our beach...

These ice creams are sooooo good!

English breakfast with the Wongs...

...and on the world's longest (and curliest) bench!


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