The Olivers In Thailand are involved with a variety activities related to children, in and around the North of the country.

We are using out blog to enable friends and family in England and around the world to keep in touch with us.

GIS Senior Trip Video

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GIS Graduation Ceremony

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GIS Graduation Banquet Student Videos

GIS Graduation Banquet Student Videos - Part 1

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GIS Graduation Banquet Student Videos - Part 2

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GIS Graduation Banquet Student Videos - Part 3

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PocketWeather V3.5 for iOS - Landscape

PocketWeather for iOS

After a seemingly long wait in the Apple AppStore Review queue, the new PocketWeather for iOS iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad is here! The word of the day - "Landscape".

As with all of our updates, all existing PocketWeather users are entitled to upgrade to this new release for free – upgrade details included towards the bottom of this post. Read ahead to get the full details about this exciting new release.

What’s New In iOS PocketWeather v3.5?

PocketWeather Landscape

1. Landscape – rotate your device left, right, upside-down - the PocketWeather views now automatically rotate and re-arrange themselves to fit your desired orientation.

Please note that this is a PocketWeather Pro feature and is not available to the Free/Advert supported version.  If you have already upgraded to the Pro, Landscape will be ready and waiting for you!


PocketWeather Maps and Image Overlay

2. Maps and Images Overlay – have you wanted to control whether the locations icon and/or the weather icon overlays are overlaid on top of the image or maps?  Well now you are in control.

On the Images, simply tap on the image to bring up the On/Off controls - this only applies to calibrated images which support Location and Weather Icon overlay.

On the Maps, tap-and-hold to bring up the On/Off controls.  In addition to the standard Location and Weather Icon controls, the METAR and Earthquake maps also allow control of Earthquake events, as well as GeoLocated PocketWeather Twitter and GeoLocated Twitter Feeds.

PocketWeather Landscape

3. Resource Center CustomViews – the existing CustomViews in the SBSH PocketWeather Resource Center have been updated to support the new landscape orientation.

These can be easily accessed directly within PocketWeather - simply tap on the View to bring up the menu and select the appropriate icon, or tap-and-hold on the "Views" to go directly into the View Selection menu.  Access to the SBSH PocketWeather Resource Center is towards the bottom.

Further details regarding the CustomView technology within PocketWeather can be found on the CustomView Information page here.


4. Various – in addition to the above, below is a list of some of the other items improved or fixed:

  • Fixed issue where disabled locations will continue to be available through METAR maps
  • Fixed issue where closest location to ICAO station was not updated when a location was enabled or disabled
  • Fixed issue where going into paged subview, some of the views remain blank.
  • During background downloads, if iOS decides that the available processing time is up (typically 10 minutes), improve PW handling of the abort signal to allow recovery of download when PW is relaunched
  • When downloading image, allow concurrent downloads if device still has enough memory available
  • Fixed issue with remote CustomView which includes other remote CustomViews, where the included remote CustomViews were not being downloaded
  • Improved UTF8/ASCII/UNICODE CustomView file format handling

Download the new PocketWeather for iPhone & iPad v3.5

Click here to get the new PocketWeather for iPhone & iPad from the iTunes App Store

Existing PocketWeather users will find the new update waiting for them in the App Store app as a free update – just use the Update option to upgrade to the latest & greatest for free.

PocketWeather Winter Scenes Theme

Seasonal Theme CustomView

As part of the ongoing changes in seasons and various Festive Seasons throughout the year, we are constantly adding more CustomView themes to the  SBSH PocketWeather Resource Center.

If you have produced a PocketWeather CustomView which you would like us to include in this publicly available resource, please contact us to let us know.

All these CustomView themes are completely free and available to all PocketWeather users.

To access them, all you need to do is:

1. Select the Views tab

2. Tap-and-hold for 1 second to bring up the CustomView selection

3. Scroll to the bottom and select “PocketWeather Resource Center”

4. Select the CustomView of your choice.

The new CustomView will automatically download and install to your device.

At any point you can select your original layout, or another layout by repeating the above steps.

For more details on how YOU can create your own CustomViews, see here.

Adrian. :)

Christmas at Baan Saan Fan

Our family had the privilege of being invited to share in the Christmas celebrations at Baan Saan Fan on Christmas Eve.

P1100924 P1100923

Beautiful girls dressed up for the party!

P1100927 P1100928

Let's remember whose Birthday we are celebrating!

Two retired couples from America are serving for a year with the home and the school. This year they organised a turkey and ham fest for the party.

P1100934 P1100938


P1100947 P1100961

The children blessed us by presenting the dance dramas that they had prepared. This year Jenny taught the younger children a dance which included sign language to the song "Saviour of the World". Esther taught the older ones a stick dance to a Thai version of "Holy Night".

P1100970 P1100969


P1100977 P1100982

Up, up and away!

A great start to our family Christmas celebrations!

Special Guests!

We were honoured to have our friends from Baan Saan Fan over to share a meal. Thirty children were joined by fifteen adults including two retired couples from America who are serving at the Baan Saan Fan home and school for a year.

P1100909 P1100911

We had chilli con carne and Adrian had bought a 1kg bag of chilli powder. Despite using a substantial amount it still wasn't hot enough for the older girls!

The children all loved the soy bean vegetables which was amusing as we are used to children not usually getting excited about the veg.

Desert was ice-cream. Then we made pop-corn to take down to the Christmas event at our children's school (GIS).

A good time was had by all!


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