The Olivers In Thailand are involved with a variety activities related to children, in and around the North of the country.

We are using out blog to enable friends and family in England and around the world to keep in touch with us.

David's Baptism - 27th Nov 2011

Some people in Thailand get to be baptised in the Mae Kong river or in a waterfall or some such place of beauty. However, at our COC church here we use a giant, orange, plastic bucket!

I guess that's not so different from the home made tank using a pond liner that we are used to back home at Arun Community Church !

On Sunday 27th November 2011 it was a joy to see David take the step of being baptized. It was also a blessing to see Isaac baptized at the same time.

P1100867 P1100863

They were asked to give a short testimony (unprepared)!

David said that in the past he had been living of the faith of his parents but that he wanted to take ownership of his own faith and he felt that baptism was the next step.

P1100871 P1100872

Ready, steady, go! (Make sure you get completely under the water)!

P1100881 P1100884
P1100885 P1100886

The Olivers in England!

During the summer we enjoyed a 5 week visit to England.

It was a wonderful time to connect with family, friends and church.

P1090144 P1090151

We were blessed with accommodation, transport and meals.
Big thank yous to:

  • Pip & Maggie Lear for lending us their lovely home whilst they were away.
  • The West family for squeezing us in for a fun packed week at the "Pudding Palace".
  • Kingdom Faith for lending us a tent for a week!
  • Adrian's parents for having us to stay for the final week.
  • Jurrie and Ann for so kindly blessing us with the use of their car for our whole visit.
  • Heather and Powerpack for giving us a money gift towards our trip.
  • For all the wonderful meals and hospitality. I sure we have put on lbs!.

We had the opportunity to visit Cambridge, Southampton and Surrey Universities.

Fitzwilliam College
2011-07-19 15.43.57 Adrian was working full-time at Eurotherm and the indication was that there would be more work for hime during the year ahead.

Tom had the opportunity of 3 days work experience at Eurotherm

Jenny's Aunt Nadine and cousin Mariana and Mariana's family were also in the UK and so we enjoyed a family reunion and BBQ together.

P1090057 P1090052

It was also a joy to celebrate Adrian's parents Golden Wedding anniversary together with family and friends.

The couple, the cake...
And the cousins!

We loved to see how our home church, Arun Community Church, is blossoming and developing. We had opportunities to share about what we get up to in Thailand and received a lot of encouragement.

P1090127 2011-08-05 08.14.09

We had an excellent week with Powerpack at Kingdom Faith in Peterborough.
We were able to share about the work of Powerpack Thailand with the children.
We also had the opportunity to share over the Kingdom Faith camp radio.
We ran a Powerpack Thailand shop and also had an offering by the children to help with our project to translate Powerpack resources into S.E. Asian language. Over £800 was raised and we have already been able to send money to buy a printer which will help our translator.

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We arrived back in mid-August just in time to rush the children into school and it has been pretty hectic since then. Hence I am only just getting around to writing this blog!



The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

Another video, created as part of their British Literature school class.



Mid January I was approached by Amit from SBSH to develop what he described as a Cuckoo clock...I already develop PocketWeather for SBSH for both the Windows Mobile and iPhone platforms. The challenge of working on this seemingly noddy application was enticing.

After an amazingly short development cycle between Amit, a graphics designer and myself, we released it early February.

A number of reviews about "Cuckoo" have been written. The latest is here.

And you get it for your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad, see here.




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