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Yet another Oliver video production...

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PocketWeather V2.0 released for Sale on Apple App Store

PocketWeather V2.0 has been released for sale on the Apple App Store!

This is both an upgrade to the existing V1.0 version of PocketWeather, and a "new" application for the "Pro" version.

Click here for details of PocketWeather (Free/Ad-Supported)

Click here for details of PocketWeather Pro (paid-up-front)

The only difference between the two applications is one has advertising and is free, and the other has no advertising, and costs £2.99.

The reason for having two seemingly identical applications on the Apple App Store is that because one is free and the other is a paid application, they come under two different categories in the store. Some people appear to not look under the free version - they must believe that paid applications are better than free... So by having two, PocketWeather will now exist under both categories.

Some comments from users:
"Where did these guys come from? They just blew the other weather apps away. This is a beautiful,
in depth, user-friendly, answer to the endless SEARCH for a weather app. What Reeder is to rss feeds, 
what Pages is to documents, what Penultimate is to notes, this app will do for weather info. Worth every
 cent because I'll finally stop buying weather apps."
"Just downloaded the update and I would say that this maybe the best weather app going. I have
 many of the Top Rated weather apps and within a few minutes of playing with this app, I would say that
 SBSH has done an excellent job with this one. I have had the free version for a while and had removed
 the ads with the in-app purchase option and had to wait until Apple approved the update for that
 version in order to get the "Pro" model features, which are basically the same, difference being that
 the "Pro" version comes with no ads from the start. I am impressed with the feature rich content and
 the appealing graphical interface. Extremely nice and I would highly recommend this app. At $5.00, it's
 a bargain. By the way, the barometer is a nice touch. To see this gauge, touch the pressure reading in
 the current conditions window."

And now...MacBeth?!

Done as part of their British Literature class...


And now, for something completely...normal?!

Am I worried about my sons?...


Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

What can I say...

I am as much stunned as you are...



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