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TodayWeather and PPC 2002

Have put together my first attempt at a ppc2002 version - now need someone to try it out.
(note this is PPC 2002)

I have had to disable the radar and satellite image display stuff because PPC 2002 does not support a required graphics API.

Please let me know if it works!

Many thanks


TodayWeather and PPC2002

It appears that the binaries for TodayWeather that I have compiled are for WM 2003 only.

I have had a quick look at recompiling for PPC 2002. The Today Screen compiles without any problem. However the setup utility is proving to be a bit more challenging and may take some time to get it to compile - the version of CXImage graphics library that I am using uses some WM 2003 features (SetDIBitsToDevice) that do not appear to be available on PPC 2002 - so will need to port that code function.

Will keep you posted.


Variable Update Rates

PocketWeather verison 76 now has user-defined update rate.

You can also configure when you would like it to automatically update - say for example you only want it to update when not at work, you can set the start update time to be 18:00 and the end update time to be 08:00, then it will only update between 18:00 (6pm evening) and 08:00 (8am morning) - between 08:00 and 18:00, it will not attempt to update - unless you request a manal update.



This is my first post on the subject of Pocket Weather.

We had a great time in the New Forest this week. Pocket Weather worked a treat when dialed-up via the mobile phone - it "just" updated itself without having to do anything while I was downloading my email. I will put up some of the images of PocketWeather in action when I get a moment. If you have a suitable ones, please email them to me.



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