For those still in daylight in the West...this is what you are currently missing (apart from the airport blockade.)


Meanwhile, we understand that at least one of our visitors due to arrive Tuesday from the UK is now on his way via Singapore.  No news from the other two.

Will be interesting to see what happens after on Tuesday (see here for why - "The court ordered final arguments for next Tuesday, to be followed quickly by a verdict which almost everyone expects will be to dissolve all three parties and ban their executives from politics for five years - including Prime Minister Somchai.").

Also, this and this would be funny if it was not so sad...because it is the normal Thais who will suffer in the years to come...

As they say - This Is Thailand...



How To Impact The World...

Earlier this year, our friend Martin Smith from the band delirious? brought together his musical friends (why was I not invited!) to Scotland to attend the first Compassion Art retreat.

For more information about it see here.

Below is a YouTube video of some of the musicians perform one of the new songs at the 2008 Dove Awards, Nashville.

Well done folks!


Yak Attack 2008 - Update

Phil Morris has published his report here on the Yak Attack 2008 Race in Nepal.

Yak Attack is a race of man against the mountains - run or cycle, or crawl, or even roll! - no matter.

They have published a 21 minute video of the race to give you an idea of how they suffered!

(I am not responsible for this video - nor the "music"...)

So, who wants to enter next year?! Richard P? Stu S? Jez W? Start your high-altitude training now!


Easter Poem From Nepal

We were delighted to receive Easter greetings from friends in Nepal. We would like to share their story and Easter poem with you..

The family moved to a new community about a year and a half ago. There are about 25 children living here that play together every day. One of the leaders of these kids is an older girl named Ruthie. Our daughter Joy quickly became close friends with Ruthie and also became one of the leaders of the "gang". At that time we were the only Christian family and all the other children were from Hindu and Buddhist families. Joy shared the gospel with Ruthie and several other friends about a year ago. She shared for over an hour, starting from Creation and the fall all the way to Jesus' death and resurrection. She was out in our sandbox sharing her faith with them while they played together. Ruthie was very opposed to the message and openly said that she did not care if she went to Hell and even said that she wanted to go to Hell. Over the last year, we were very concerned about this close friendship because we heard that Ruthie would steal from the children and how mean Ruthie was to many of the other children. We were almost at the point where we felt we should tell Joy she could no longer play with Ruthie because of her behavior, but decided to let the friendship continue and see if our girls could affect her in a positive way. Joy began to give Christian videos and books to Ruthie and continued to share about Jesus.

Since we've been back in Nepal over the last 4 weeks, Ruthie has not stopped asking questions about the Bible and about Jesus. She's started going to Nepali churches and reading her Bible. She is bringing her parents to church. Today, she gave me this poem that she just wrote for Easter and I wanted to share it with you.

He is not here, He is risen ...

God Can
God can do anything
Anything He can
He can create the world
Or create a man
From mind to soul
From chalk to coal
From heaven to hell
And angels who fell
On earth to tell
That God is coming
But you never know
From male to female
And God can show
That He rose up from death
And had a hole
In his hands and legs
Because He is the only God
To suffer all my sins
Because I believe
In being a Christian!

Please pray for Ruthie, that she will grow stronger in her faith and be able to share with the other children who live in our community about Jesus and that they would in turn reach out to their parents and bring them to church also. Ruthie is a key leader among the children in this community and will be able to really share Jesus with them since she comes from the Hindu background that they also come from.

The Easter rally today was a huge success, with over 15,000 people attending in the biggest park in the city (the government gave permission for the first time ever for the Christians to hold their Easter rally in the large open park in the middle of the city!)

Happy Easter!



For the extreme sports fans out there, you will love this!

A ride across Nepal on foot and/or bike, climbing to over 5200m.

Phil Morris is a friend from Eurotherm who is now working for the INF.

Yes he must be mad - but I bet there must be more than one of you who wished you could be there! I certainly do! And more importantly, wished that I was fit enough too!

Follow his reports here. And you can sponsor him here.



My old desk at Eurotherm has barely got cold, and now this...

Yes! 17 years of precious collections of priceless books, manuals, software boxes. But fortunately I had rescued all the tea (and coffee) before I left. Look! There are all those CD cases. I needed one today too!

And who is this for? For him:

Please look after my fan! Yes the one with my name of it, several times, from multiple moves.

I understand the Eurotherm R&D are/have undergone yet another internal move. As the boss said to me last week, he loves playing chess. He is obviously the King. But who is the Queen?! There are several possibilities...His wife, or Liz?

Thanks Mike for grassing on them!



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