Video Reports

Video Reports

A Day In The Life Of Hoay Maw

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We had the privilege to stay at Hoay Maw for a 24 hour period where we were able to document a day in the life of the children of Hoay Maw.

Their schedule was as follows

  • 5.30am wake up and get dressed
  • 6:00am prayers and worship in church led by house-parents
  • 6:15am Chores – sweeping, litter picking, make beds, tidy shoes
  • 6:40am Breakfast of rice with some chillies and egg mixed in 7:00am Line up and walk to school – more chores at school
  • 8:00am School starts
  • 12noon Eat packed lunch at school (rice from breakfast)
  • 3:30pm Home from school
  • 4:00pm Chinese school for 2 hours
  • 6:00pm Play and Meal
  • 7:00pm Time in church
  • 8:00pm Homework (or “family group” time on Fridays)
  • 9-10pm Bed-time

Video Message to Arun Community Church

Below is a message to our friends at Arun Community Church.

The video can be downloaded from Google Video from here.

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