And now...MacBeth?!

Done as part of their British Literature class...


And now, for something completely...normal?!

Am I worried about my sons?...


"Operation Beowulf"

As part of their English Literature course, Tom was involved with the following masterpiece:


Trouble has started in Chiang Mai

We understand that trouble has started in Chiang Mai. Random fighting continues in Bangkok following the army offensive this morning.

School is shut tomorrow. Children are delighted!

Living away from the city centre, we are probably more removed from trouble. However we will be staying put...

Just in case some clever person decides to set fire to the telephone/internet centres and cuts Thailand's internet, we are okay...

Update - a "facebook reporter" can be found here


Good Morning Bangkok...

Looks like by the time Europe wakes up later today (Wednesday), it should be all over for the red protesters...

And the quote for the day is:

"Metropolitan Police deployed about 1,000 rapid movement troops and if they find looting, arson or anybody inciting unrest, police are authorized to shoot immediately," said police spokesman Major General Piya Uthayo.

Sounds like they have learnt a lesson or to from the American wild West - "shoot first, ask questions later" - or in this case, "shoot first, don't bother asking questions because they are dead..."



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