About Us

Who Are We?

We are Adrian and Jenny Oliver and our three children Thomas, David and Jessica.

Our home is in Littlehampton, West Sussex, England. Our home church is Arun Community Church, Littlehampton.

We are software engineers by profession.

We are currently focused in S.E. Asia from a base in Chiang Mai, Thailand representing the UK based children's ministry Powerpack.

How Did We Come to be involved in Thailand and S.E. Asia?

  • Easter '05 Visited Hoay Maw children's home.
  • Easter '06 Re-visited and felt call to serve in Thailand.
  • May '06 After discussion with church leaders made decision to spend a 10 month period in Thailand.
  • July '06 Resigned from employment.
  • Aug '06 Commenced initial 10 month term in Chiang Mai.

Further Developments

  • Our initial focus was to assist with development of a children's home in the Northern mountain village of Hoay Maw.
  • As opportunities developed we spent a further two 10 month terms.
  • Aug '09 We officially took on the role of representing Powerpack in Thailand.

Our Role

  • Children's ministry leadership training
  • Children's discipleship and celebration events
  • Development of quality children's ministry resources in Thai and Burmese language
  • Engaging children in mission

How Are We Supported?

We welcome you to contact us here.

Thank you for your interest
Adrian, Jenny, Tom, David & Jessica



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Tom's Baptism

On Easter Sunday 12th April, Tom was baptised at COC House of Praise, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Dad, Adrian, baptised Tom together with the youth pastors Mel and Sam. Pastor Jonathan joined in praying for hm.

Thomas Stephen Oliver
Because of your faith in Jesus Christ
I baptise you ...
Make sure he's right under
Hug & Pray
Getting out
Getting splashed


Video Message to Arun Community Church

Below is a message to our friends at Arun Community Church.

The video can be downloaded from Google Video from here.

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